Headache Treatment in Brooklyn, NY

Are You a Candidate For Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

Headaches manifest in various sizes and intensities, ranging from mild temple discomfort to severe pain impairing vision.

Not all headaches are alike; they differ in severity, symptoms, and causes, including tension, cluster, migraine, organic, rebound, and chronic daily headaches, among others. Millions of individuals endure headache pain regularly.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches, one of the most prevalent types, stem from stress, anxiety, and depression. Around 90% of headaches fall into this category. The pain is widespread across the head rather than localized in specific areas. Although more common in women, tension headaches can affect anyone.

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches, affecting approximately 1 million Americans, are intense and recurrent, occurring multiple times daily over weeks or months before subsiding, only to return later.


Migraines are a distinct biological disease impacting nearly 30 million Americans annually. They affect one in four individuals in the US, outnumbering diabetes, coronary heart disease, and asthma combined.

Common Headache Causes

Imbalances within the body, triggered by stress, anxiety, trauma, or other factors, often cause headaches. Such imbalances affect the body’s unified system; for instance, stress in the upper back or shoulders can lead to headaches and pain elsewhere.

Headache Treatment Options

While many resort to over-the-counter painkillers for headache relief, this only temporarily alleviates symptoms without addressing the root cause. Eventually, the underlying issue resurfaces, along with headache pain.

Now, an all-natural, organic headache treatment targets the root cause: spinal decompression.

Advantages of Gentle, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Treatment

Our spinal disc doctors specialize in restoring natural balance through gentle decompression, relieving headaches and other pains swiftly and permanently.

If you’re suffering from headaches or other pain, schedule a free consultation with our medical professionals. It’s risk-free, offering the chance to bid farewell to headache pain for good.

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